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Carbon Steel

We supply quality steel in the following:  


Structural Steel

Pressure Vessels Steel

Wear Resistant Steel

NB: Other grades are available on request   

Stainless Steel & Aluminium

Duvhaliswa are stockists and supplier of a wide range of stainless steel in a variety of Grades

The above products are available in the following grades

NB: other grades are available on request

Roofing Material

Duvha Liswa supplies different types of roofing products and accessories in various colours as requested by a customer. These include among others the following:

Conceled Fix Sheeting

Pierced Fix Sheeting

Permanent Formwork

Coated Metal Tiles

Roofting Accessories

NB: other materials are available on request

Special Steel

Our Range of special steel in rounds include among other the following:

Alloy Steel

Carbon Steel

We also stock the following:


Value Added Services    

Our plant can fabricate light to medium steel structures including but not limited to cast-in items, Cat ladders and Manhole Cover Gratings.